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The Best Retail Analyst. Ever.


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The Best Retail Analyst. Ever.

Move away from analysis in siloes, to analysis that considers data across your business. 

Automated. Accurate. Actionable. 

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Pricing Analysis

Quantification of revenue and profit using price optimization models

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Competitive Analysis

Real-time price and assortment analysis compared to all key competitors

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Strategy Analysis

Analysis of where you can improve vs. your business objectives

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Inventory Analysis

Analysis of inventory productivity across all SKUs and resulting opportunities

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White Space Analysis

Analysis of performance and the marketplace looking for growth areas

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Each opportunity is prioritized so focus goes to the highest impact insights

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Assortment Analysis

Identification and quantification of assortment expansion opportunities

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SWOT Analysis

Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats to the business

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Concise executive level summarization of findings and the implications

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“Our products are priced 10% below our key competitors. A 5% increase would generate $2.5 million in sales and profits.”

This is an example of how profitmind combines competitive analysis and pricing analysis

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Current Skills

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profitmind is trained to continuously perform the following analyses for your business and to combine findings in each area into a rounded set of regularly updated recommendations.  

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Price Optimization

Automatic identification of the revenue and profit maximizing price for each of your items; so you will always know how to maximize profits and revenue.

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Competitive Analysis

Full visibility to competitor prices and assortments and how they compare to your prices and assortments.

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Promotional Analysis

Analysis of your promotional activity compared to your competitors to identify areas of opportunity.


SKU Rationalization

Identification of underproducing SKUs and how working capital can be freed up to fund growth in other areas of your business.

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Product Matching

Analysis of each of your items vs the competition.  Each product is competitively matched in the same way a customer would consider product substitutes.

profitmind in 80 languages

80+ Languages

Analysis and recommendations are possible from Albanian to Welsh and 80 languages in between.

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White Space Analysis

Analysis of your marketplace and the identification of areas where you likely have growth opportunities.


Item Title

Executive Reporting

Trained to provide concise insights on each finding, explaining what was found, how it was found, and the implications to the business.


Market Price Strategy

Tracking and alerting when competitors change price or add new promotions that impact your market price strategy.

The Best Retail Analyst. Ever.

profitmind continuously analyzes your business, finding and quantifying revenue, profit and working capital opportunities.

Types of Insights Provided:

  • Executive Summary of Findings

  • Top Opportunities Found

  • SWOT Analysis Findings

    • Analysis of business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and market threats.

  • Strategic Objective Analysis

    • How to maximize market share and profits

  • Health Status vs Strategic Objectives

    • Assessment of Pricing, Assortment, Inventory and Competitive Position vs Business Goals​

  • Detailed Insights:

    • Pricing vs Competition​

    • Pricing Opportunities (Revenue and Profit growth areas)

    • Promotional Analysis vs Competition

    • Price Changes vs Competition Over Time

    • Good, Better, Best Pricing vs Market Pricing Over Time

    • White Space Analysis and Market Opportunities

    • Inventory Productivity Analysis and Working Capital Opportunities

    • Assortment Analysis and Expansion/Contraction Opportunities

    • Price Percentile Positioning in the Market

    • Products Outside of Price Parameters vs the Competition

    • Optimization of Revenue and Profit vs Price Changes

  • Quantification of All Opportunities Found

profitmind completes analysis at every level of the merchandise hierarchy, from SKU to total Company level, and everything in between.  All analysis and summaries are provided at each level of the hierarchy, providing actionable insights across the organization.

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Continuous Insights Into Retail's Biggest Value Drivers


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