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Navigating the Retail & AI Landscape: Partnering for Progress

Learn how you can bring in partners to aid your AI transformation efforts.

After identifying potential quick-win opportunities, experimenting with an expert partner is the next crucial step. While internal AI expertise is ideal, it is often lacking in retail organizations. Therefore, finding the right external partner becomes pivotal to determining what is feasible in the short and medium term.

Choosing the right partner involves:

  • Seeking individuals or firms with the right expertise.
  • Aligning with organizational goals.
  • Being adaptable to the iterative nature of AI transformation.

The emphasis is on finding partners willing to work in 2-4 week sprints, allowing organizations to assess progress and make informed decisions. This partner should have a small, efficient team working swiftly to generate proof points while effectively managing resource hours.

For organizations lacking internal AI expertise, there is a plethora of boutique AI consulting firms, dedicated analytics firms, and software companies eager to assist. The key is finding a partner who understands the problems and has successfully addressed similar issues. The partner should be willing to work lean and fast, align with the organization's interests, and provide tangible results in short sprints.

To learn more, download: AI Playbook for Retail, by Dr. Mark Chrystal

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