Retail analytics reimagined for the real-time world.

Profitmind is an easy-to-use AI-powered analytics platform that highlights immediate opportunities with actionable recommendations that affect the bottom line.

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Product Modules

1Executive Summary

This is where you'll receive summarized reports on everything Profitmind has done behind the scenes. This let's you know how you can improve your business at a glance.

Key Insights

These insights will make the biggest impact on your business, and they're visible at a glance right when you login.

Top Opportunities

Profitmind gives you a lot of insights, but top opportunities shows you exactly where to start.

SWOT Analysis

Who doesn't love a great SWOT Analysis? How about one driven by AI and millions of data points?

Strategic Objective Analysis

Beyond data points, Profitmind is your strategic advisor. It gives you advice on high level strategic decisions.

2Detailed Insights

This is where you really dive into the analysis. We've got charts, graphs, filtering, and searching. Everything you need to understand the underlying data.

Included Analysis
Price Optimization
SKU Rationalization
Promotional Analysis
White Space Analysis
Competative Analysis
Market Pricing Strategy
Inventory Productivity Analysis
+many more

3Expert Insights Automated

We provide you with alerts and insights automatically so you never miss a thing.

4Price Analyst

Stay on top of your pricing by setting rules and alerts. Never give up extra profit or sales again.

Most Innovative Retail Tech Vendors of 2024
- National Retail Federation

#2 Silicon Valley Tech Startup of 2023
- Hackernoon

All analysis is summarized into extremely actionable insights.

Here are a few examples of how Profitmind delivers summaries after all the analysis. Summaries are written in plain language, it's like receiving an executive summary from your best retail analyst.

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“Our products are priced 10% below our key competitors. A 5% increase would generate $2.5 million in sales and profits.”
Profitmind Insight


Additional sales & profits this year
“Found $10.3 million in working capital that can be reinvested to generate $20.4 million in sales and $10.1 million in profit.”
Profitmind Insight


Additional working capital
“Re-Investing the $468k in this assortment would generate $660k in incremental sales and $368k in incremental profit.”
Profitmind Insight


In incremental sales
“Products in this category are being sold at a lower price than competitors. Increasing the prices by 10% is projected to lead to $145,742 in revenue without losing competitive advantage.”
Profitmind Insight


Additional revenue
“In this category, given high product and price parity with our key competitors, it's crucial to monitor the competition closely for any changes in their assortment or pricing strategy.”
Profitmind Insight

Competition Alert

Monitor competition carefully for this category

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“We are in a very different era in respect to the speed in which retail moves, and we must have the ability to have the data and intelligence to make quicker decisions for the merchandising team. We partnered to bring in their expertise, and because they move at the speed our business needs.”

Venkat Gopalan
| Chief Digital Officer, Belcorp.