Supercharge Your Sales and Profits.

Faster, More Accurate Decision-Making.
Profitmind is an easy-to-use AI-powered platform that provides actionable insights and recommendations that will immediately improve your top and bottom line. Made for retailers who want to:
Increase profit, sales, and team productivity.

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Profitmind's Competitive Orbit identifies which competitors you compete with most, and how competitively you are positioned against each competitor.

Most Innovative Retail Tech Vendors of 2024
- National Retail Federation

#2 Silicon Valley Tech Startup of 2023
- Hackernoon

How it works

Easy Integration
We take your data as is. Profitmind can use an existing product feed to get started. Share data via SFTP, API or your preferred method.
Profitmind scans the web for competitors, allowing real-time price, promotion, and assortment comparisons against your products.
Profitmind analyzes prices, assortments, inventory and competitors, looking for growth and working capital opportunities. Every SKU is analyzed, every day.
Profitmind automatically summarizes and prioritizes opportunities and the actions required to capture them, supported by data and reasoning.

Discover, quantify, and prioritize growth opportunities faster

Move away from analysis in siloes, to analysis that considers data across your business.

  • Revenue opportunities
    We'll show you areas that you can improve which will directly improve your top line.
  • Profit opportunities
    We'll highlight products and categories that have optimization opportunities for higher profit.
  • Working capital opportunities
    We'll crunch through internal and competitor data to find places to improve your working capital.
  • Market share opportunities
    Looking to boost your market share? We'll help you find solutions that aren't readily apparent.
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Profitmind prioritizes the opportunities it finds, to make work and opportunity capture much more efficient.

Most Innovative Retail Tech Vendors of 2024
- National Retail Federation

#2 Silicon Valley Tech Startup of 2023
- Hackernoon

Why use Profitmind?

Our customers are achieving huge results with Profitmind. Here are some of the reasons they love our platform.

Grow market share
Discover new ways to profitably grow market share, increasing sales & profit
Sell more with less
Deliver more sales with less required inventory, dramatically reducing costs
Deliver your goals
Maximize revenue and deliver your financial goals today
Gen AI for retail
The only Generative AI specifically trained to improve retail results
Easy to use
Gain all the business benefits of AI without the complexity or data needs.
Low Cost, High ROI
No setup costs, low on-going costs and high ROI!

“At Intergamma, we believe in the power of data driven decision making and Netail’s SaaS solution gives us powerful, granular and real-time insights into the hyper competitive market that we operate in. Partnering with innovative technology companies like Netail along with our strong internal analytics muscle is helping us accelerate the time-to-value for building advanced optimization capabilities for the business.”

Duco Roolvink | Head of Data and Analytics at Intergamma

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“We are in a very different era in respect to the speed in which retail moves, and we must have the ability to have the data and intelligence to make quicker decisions for the merchandising team. We partnered to bring in their expertise, and because they move at the speed our business needs.”

Venkat Gopalan
| Chief Digital Officer, Belcorp.