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Your Retail Analytics Co-Pilot

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For Pricing, Inventory, Competitive and Assortment Analysis

Find Business Opportunities Faster,

More Often, and Quantify Them More Accurately.


See What's Possible for Your Business With Our Free Trial Offer.

Fast, Accurate, Actionable Insights to Supercharge Your Business and Profits

profitmind acts as a business analyst, continuously looking for and quantifying profit, revenue and working capital opportunities.  

Discover, quantify, and prioritize growth opportunities faster:

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Revenue Opportunities

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Profit Opportunities

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Working Capital Opportunities

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Market Share Opportunities

why use profitmind?

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Grow Market Share

Discover new ways to profitably grow market share

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Gen AI for Retail

The only Generative AI specifically trained to improve retail results

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Sell More with Less

Deliver more sales with less required inventory 

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Easy to Use

Gain all the business benefits of AI without the complexity or data needs

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Deliver Your Goals

Maximize revenue to deliver your financial goals today

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Risk Free Trial

No setup costs, and realize 10x ROI or it is FREE!

how it works

Easy Integration

We take your data as is.

profitmind can use an existing product feed to get started.  Share data via SFTP, API or your preferred method. 

Eventually, two years of sales history is needed to enable price optimization analysis.



We look for growth.

profitmind analyzes prices, assortments, inventory and competitors, looking for growth and working capital opportunities. 


Every SKU is analyzed, every day.

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We map your market.

Profitmind scans the web for competitors selling the same or similar products and matches their assortment against yours, enabling real-time price, promotion and assortment comparisons

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We accelerate capture.

profitmind automatically summarizes and prioritizes opportunities and the actions required to capture them, supported by data and reasoning, enabling faster capture of opportunities for your business.

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Actual Customer Results. 


Increase in Visits


Increase in Sales


Increase in Profits


Add-to-Cart Increase


Conversion Increase

What Will YOU Achieve?



is ready

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Sales & Profit 



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