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Retail & AI: Empowering Organizations for AI success

Learn how to empower your organization to deliver successful AI capabilities.

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), knowledge is power. Organizations must prioritize building knowledge at every level while dispelling common misconceptions and fears surrounding data quality and AI. People often resist change because they fear the unknown, and historical examples, such as the radio or VHS video recorders, demonstrate how familiarity and understanding alleviate apprehension.

Building organizational knowledge about AI should be considered an imperative. While hiring knowledgeable talent is essential, educating the broader organization is equally, if not more, important. This does not necessitate a technical proficiency but rather a foundational understanding that enables individuals at all levels to adapt and apply the new technology effectively.

To build organizational knowledge, a comprehensive plan should encompass training programs, experiential learning, and knowledge acquisition through hiring. Tailoring training programs for different levels within the organization ensures that each segment gains the necessary understanding of AI's merits and applications.

Regarding training programs, online platforms like Coursera and DeepLearning.AI offer accessible and comprehensive AI education content. Given the rapid evolution of AI technologies, investing in ongoing training for new hires and staying abreast of developments is crucial. Knowledge acquisition through hiring should be strategic, aligning AI skills with the organization's needs and goals.

To learn more, download: AI Playbook for Retail, by Dr. Mark Chrystal

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