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Barney Govan

Chief Technology Officer

Barney leads engineering at Netail and spends his days juggling management and coding in equal proportions. Before Netail, he spent over 25 years working on large-scale, distributed machine learning- and AI-powered systems with a focus in adtech, martech, and retail. His experience took him to companies like Zeta Global, Boomtrain, Yahoo, Quantcast, and Sony all of which lay the perfect foundation for leading the Netail/Profitmind team and draws on all of his earlier background and pushes technology forward in completely new ways for the retail industry.

With a masters degrees from both Texas A&M University and University of Reading, and a BSc. in Physics from Imperial College London, Barney was destined for a career in technology.

When relaxing, he likes to work on expanding his vinyl collection and reading books by people much smarter than him